Stuff I Recommend

This is a page I’ll update on the regular (hopefully) with some things I use and recommend. Feel free to check back to see if anything has changed.


Since I sometimes switch to Linux for a while some of these will be available for both Linux and Windows. I’ll put what each application is available for in the headings.

Firefox (Windows, Linux, Mac)

I use and recommend Firefox as a web browser, as it hits a sweet spot between privacy and functionality (I was using Brave but found that it’d get in the way of some things, like telemed appointments).

Download at

Musicbee (Windows)

I’m old fashioned in buying my music in MP3 or FLAC format and using third party players to play it. Musicbee makes it easy to manage. I can also export to an m3u playlist which my Android phone understands and it will sync to it via the next mention, Syncthing.

Download at

Syncthing (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android)

This is a small application which runs in the background and allows folders to synchronize between devices (after some initial setup). This is how I sync both my music and website files.

Download at

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