Tennessee Protecting Singers/Songwriters Against AI

Posted: Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 10:21AM

In a strange turn of events, Tennessee becomes the first US state to protect musicians and songwriters against AI. Which a red state protecting its citizens against overreaches of private innovation was aout of the cards, at least according to Democrats.

This is a response to the news article on apnews.com.

AI’s potential negative impact

While AI has the potential to help with a lot of things, it’s potential negative impact is also there. Scammers are already using it to mimic the voice of other individuals to perform some money transfer scams.

I could see an issue where scammers may use AI to generate music which sounds like it’s from good, lesser-known musicians to sell it for a profit. Allowing it to happen would set a precedent to allow AI wielders to just use AI to rip off other forms of art as well too. It really is a slippery slope, even though some say it’s a fallacy of logic.

Even though for maximum impact more laws would have to be passed to cover more forms of art.

Common sense reform

In my opinion, AI should not be outright banned because of its potential benefit to humanity. I’m just against people using it to rip-off others creative outlet, using their talents to create and release works to the public. AI has the potential to “spam” the market using their style. We’re already seeing increases in AI generated written works, enough to even make Amazon crack down on them.

“Common-sense” reform would allow AI to be used for its benefits while providing litagatory options for those negatively impacted by AI.

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