Freedom From Religion

Posted: Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 10:55PM

One of the discussions I’ve had a while ago had me thinking about writing a post about a seemingly unpopular opinion that I have.

The fact that the freedom of religion is a prerequisite for the freedom from religion to exist.

Let me explain.

Your Belief System may be a religion to some

The word “religion” is typically defined as a belief system which has elements of the supernatural to a certain extent. And while most flavors of Atheism and Agnosticism don’t have these elements on the surface, there are some things we all do which can constitute as supernatural elements.

Superstition like “knock on wood” or believing that because a black cat crossed your path you’re about to meet a spell of bad luck. As well as the wives tales flavors of superstition such as 7 years of bad luck following a broken mirror.

I feel believing any of these, or acting on them may add the supernatural factor needed to persecute against a particular person’s Atheism.

Government Powers

Another challenge among the freedom from religion debate is the fact that some worldly governments are inventing their own religions to assert even more power over their masses.

One prime example is North Korea, which teaches its citizens that the supreme leader has supernatural abilities. This makes it so that they are less likely to rebel against said government, over the fear that the supreme leader may smite them.

Even though I feel that the most staunch of Atheists would have a harder time falling into such a belief system.

One other issue is that the more a country moves away from the freedom of religion, they’re more likely to adopt a state religion, even if its an existing one like Islam, or Christianity; then persecute all others including non-faiths.

My ideal society

On this matter my ideal society is that people would be able to follow their own religions in the sanctity of their own homes and places of worship, as long as they don’t violate other people in doing so. Peoople of non-faith would be able to refrain from all religious activities if they want to.

For me it doesn’t matter which religion either. But the freedom of religion in America must be upheld in my opinion.

And also in my opinion, in public forums like the internet, folks should be able to express their worldviews in either way. As long as they don’t incite hate for others or violence, should be good as far as platform moderators are concerned.

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