Birthday Website Updates

Posted: Sunday, January 28, 2024 at 9:59AM

I may be a little weird, sitting down to do some updates to my website on my birthday. But this is the way I express myself, is by having a personal website.

So here I am. Highlighting the updates.

  • Pages now have revision dates
    • I’m surprised this one took me as long as it did, as one of my pet peeves are static information pages on the internet which do not have a revision or “last modified” date on them. So it is hard to tell if information on the internet is up to date or not.
  • Blog page now has a paginator functionality built-in
    • Once my site gets 18 or more blog posts it will start paginating automatically. Cool stuff.
  • Added a Subscribe page
    • No, I am not shilling for some big-tech privacy-invading subscriptions platform. Instead, I decided to link to a couple of feeds which my Hugo instance creates automatically. So you can plug those links into an RSS reader of your choice.

Thanks for the birthday wishes

Since I may not have a lot of time today or the next few days, I’d like to extend a universal thank-you to those who are wishing me a happy birthday.

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