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Posted: Sunday, September 25, 2022 at 12:00AM

A couple of months ago I woke up with an email from Blogger. Stating that I had been suspended indefinitely for no stated reason.

If I were to guess, it probably would be that they didn’t like how I was critical of President Joe Biden in my article titled “The dangers of sweeping surveillance camera regulations” in this new world of big tech favoring candidates solely based on what party they run under.

In a Youtube rabbit-hole I discovered a new way to make sites, and that is Hugo. The video that showed me most of what I needed to know to do so was Luke Smith’s Hugo Actually Explained video.

After some playing around with relearning HTML and CSS, I patched together my own Hugo site.

The problem with monolithic moderation

Out of all of the problems that I can see with moderation along party-lines-only is what happens if that one party that all of these platforms go at bat for gets corrupt?

If they do something that the general consensus doesn’t like, who will be willing to set the trend in speaking out against it? Especially when violence against said defiants is so normalized.

Even though I’d consider myself more of a centrist than a raging Republican, I feel that is the big elephant in the room.

A meme for the occurrence

Make your own site meme

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